Find An Auto Accident Attorney Before You Drive

When your hurt from an auto accident call the right lawyer

Why You Should Find An Auto Accident Attorney Before You Drive Your Car

While there are people who drive their entire lives and never have an accident, that’s most definitely the exception, especially these days when there are a lot of people out driving when they shouldn’t be. Of course, how insurance works is that a large pool of people pay premiums and then the unlucky few that have accidents each year get their medical bills covered, car repairs covered, and a little extra for pain and suffering.

Insurance companies make money by collecting a percentage of that money for profit, and by limiting the amount they pay out every chance they get. That’s where the problem comes in when another person has hit you and their insurance company refuses to pay out. But there are some ways you can protect yourself, let’s take a look.

If The Accident Was Their Fault Take Precautions To Protect Yourself Immediately

Many times immediately following an accident the at fault party will approach you and appear very apologetic and happily exchange names, driver information, and insurance company phone numbers. However, as soon as they talk to their insurance company’s lawyers, the friendliness ends almost immediately.

Their insurance company has advised them to no longer admit fault in the accident, to longer to talk to the person they hit, basically to keep quiet and let their attorneys handle it from there. Of course, this is a wise thing for them to do to reduce the payouts made to claimants and increase their profits.

But what this does, however, is put the claimant who was not at fault in the accident up against a team of high-priced, experienced, attorneys. If it hasn’t started to sink in yet, now’s the time to start talking to an attorney of your own.

Your Auto Accident Attorney Will Advise You To Head To A Hospital Immediately

One of the first things that your auto accident attorney will tell you is that as soon after the accident as you’re able, head to a hospital and get checked out. The reason for this is, if you do have injuries, some of them could worsen over time. The best way to get your medical bills covered and compensation for your pain, suffering, and time away from work, is to get everything documented by medical professionals immediately.

One tip that many car owners neglect to do is a find a good competent auto accident attorney, get several of his is this cards and carry them around in your glove box, wallet, and put the phone number on your phone as well. Everyone who drives a car should do this whether or not they’re prone to accidents because you never know when someone might hit you.

Another factor to keep in mind is that an experienced auto accident attorney in east orange will have a list of medical professionals, chiropractors, investigators, and other accident specialists, at the ready to take on your case as soon as you call.

The reason you need to call is that while medical professionals are very busy people, your attorney has a list of them that will take time out of their day to testify to the extent of your injuries in court when needed. This is incredibly important when you’re building your case to collect the compensation you need for your injuries.

To recap the general question of when should you contact your auto accident attorney east orange nj if you’ve been involved in an accident, the answer is as soon as you find your cell phone. But the real answer is that you should already have his business card handy, should’ve already met him, spoke to him and knew what he can do for you if you’re in an auto accident.

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